Holding and weight

The relative holding of different anchors has been well tested and written in a multitude of publications, but the results are mostly confusing and unreliable. one of the reasons for it is the seabed.


Anchors behave differently in different bottoms, for example, In soft silt seabed, Danforth or a Fortress will offer the best holding (due to their relatively large surface area) and in this kind of seabed, the discussion of setting is irrelevant because all anchors will set in such soft conditions. In thicker, denser bottoms, a Danforth anchor will fail to set. Its blades will skip across the surface. Spade, on the other hand, will provide excellent results, being able to dive deeper than all others. Put the same Spade in thick clay and it won't set. Period. This explains why anchors can excel in certain tests or completely disappoint. Further, even in the same locations, the bottom conditions change with varying weather. This often translates to drastic differences in anchor performance. Rocna, Manson Supreme, Spade, Ultra (new generation anchors) do offer a more reliable performance than Danforth, CQR, Delta, and Bruce. Therefore, the perfect anchor will set in the widest range of soil bottoms (including thick clay or grass) and have enough surface area to provide adequate holding power even in soft soils.

Our anchor design optimizes anchor weight and holds, giving high hold to weight ratios. You will note on our spreadsheets that our anchors have a higher hold than the hold you would expect from anchors so light.  Our light anchors have the same hold as the heavier anchors of our competitors.





Holding power/weight ratio.

The weight of the anchor does not affect the holding capacity of an anchor.  Countless research projects from Universities who specialize in anchor research underline this simple fact.  The increased weight does increase hold - but only if that weight is used to make a bigger anchor.  We have achieved our enormous holding power using our unique design.  If you are skeptical think of the comparison of Fortress and Danforth - in tests Fortress invariably outperforms Danforth when the two are the same size, yet the Danforth might be twice the weight.


Our anchors are lighter than most of the steel anchors out there for the same surface area and yet the anchors achieve unbelievable holding power for their size and weight.


Working with carefully-selected vendors, and following a strict process of selecting the best materials, we've managed to create the lightest steel anchors in the market.


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