Our Story

Crafting Our Own Anchor: A Personal Journey to Achieve Excellence in the Mediterranean Seas

Sailing in the breathtaking yet treacherous waters of the Mediterranean Sea has been our passion for years. As avid sailors, my wife Tali and I understand the critical importance of a reliable anchor for safety and peace of mind. However, after encountering issues with a Danforth anchor that came with our boat, leaving us in a precarious situation off the coast of Rafina, Greece, we knew we needed a better solution.

In our search for a dependable galvanized steel anchor, we were disappointed to find that most options on the market were expensive and of uncertain origin, often from China. As experienced sailors, we refused to settle for anything less than the best, and thus embarked on a personal journey to create our own anchor.

Initially, our focus was on meeting our own needs, but we soon realized that many other sailors shared the same concerns. We enlisted the help of friends in the metal fabrication and marine industries, and invested in a variety of new-generation anchors. We questioned steel manufacturers about the characteristics of their products, and conducted extensive tests on a deserted beach in northern Israel, creating mock-ups from MDF before cutting, bending, and welding steel to craft our tangible prototype.

One major breakthrough was discovering a manufacturer of high tensile steels in thin sheets, enabling us to reduce weight without compromising strength. We also partnered with a successful metal fabrication facility in Ukraine, and made innovative changes to our designs based on our own insights. Our prototypes were rigorously tested on various seabeds using commercial vessels, 4x4 vehicles, and tractors to ensure their reliability and effectiveness.

The result is a game-changing anchor that boasts the best weight/hold ratio among all steel anchors on the market. It sets reliably and quickly, adjusts to changes in wind direction, and can reset itself if somersaulted due to rapid wind shifts. The perforated fluke reduces clogging, and we have achieved many other advantages along the way.

With our production now up and running, we are confident that we are offering a cutting-edge anchor design. Our anchor is on par with the best options available, but with reduced weight, making it easier for anyone to handle. Its proven reliability and effectiveness make us proud to offer it to fellow sailors who, like us, refuse to settle for anything less than excellence.

In conclusion, our journey to create the perfect anchor was not without challenges, requiring immense effort, dedication, and investment. However, our unwavering commitment to meeting our own high standards has resulted in a product that we are proud of, and one that we believe will revolutionize the world of anchor design. We hope that our story inspires others to pursue excellence in their own endeavors, no matter how daunting they may seem.

Wishing you smooth sailing and safe anchoring,

Tali and Izi and the whole Viking Team


You can see some of our tests and trials here on YouTube

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