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Viking Anchor

Viking Anchor

The Best Power-to-Weight ratio on the market. The Viking Anchor is the perfect All-Rounder for Boats up to 22m / 70 Foot.

Anchor model:

Price range : €199.00 to €1,099.00

The Viking Anchor

Light Weight

With the highest power-to-weight ratio for any steel anchor on the market, you can get a lighter anchor for your boat. Your windless will thank you.

Fast Reset

Sleep well through wind and current changes. The Viking resets instantly thanks to the sharp fluke and perfect weight balance. 

Holding Power

The perfect all-rounder. It will hold in all seabeds, and in any condition.

Initial Setting

A razor-sharp fluke for setting in the most challenging bottoms: hard-packed clay/mud and grassy/weedy areas, and even packed gravel.

Easy Storage

With the ability to detach the shank, you can take apart the Viking in 5 minutes and store it in a locker. Perfect for a oversized Storm or Second Anchor.

Outstanding Durability

Made of Hardox 450 Galvanized HT steel, Viking anchors will suffer almost any mechanical abuse to keep your boat safe.

What Size Do I Need?

Viking Anchors are designed for boats up to 22m / 70 ft.

Anchor Size
Estimated Holding Power
Anchor Weight
Boat Weight
Boat Size

Viking 5

500 Kg / 1100 Lbs

3.4 Kg / 7 Lbs

5,000 Kg / 11,000 Lbs

<6m / <20 Ft

Viking 7

900 Kg / 2,000 Lbs

5.2 Kg / 11 Lbs

8,000 Kg / 17,500 Lbs

6-9m / 20-30 Ft

Viking 10

1.900 Kg / 4.200 Lbs

9.5 Kg / 21 Lbs

12,000 Kg / 26,500 Lbs

9-12m / 30-40 Ft

Viking 15

2.600 Kg / 5,700 Lbs

12.6 Kg / 28 Lbs

19,000 Kg / 42,000 Lbs

12-15m / 40-50 Ft

Viking 20

3,200 Kg / 7,000 Lbs

21.3 Kg / 47 Lbs

27,000 Kg / 60,000 Lbs

15-18m / 50-60 Ft

Viking 25

4,500 Kg / 10,000 Lbs

27.3 Kg / 60 Lbs

40,000 Kg / 88,000 Lbs

18-22m / 60-70 Ft

Our anchor’s are tested using the same seabed location and conditions, so you can compare “apple for apple” when estimating the size of the anchor you need.

Will It Fit My Boat?

By Sailors, For Sailors

Viking has been built from the ground up in-house. From the first design and initial testing. To the cutting, welding and galvanizing processes using the highest quality F700 HT Steel on the market.

We believe in our quality so much, that all Viking Anchors are supplied with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

Why Choose Us

Light, yet Powerful

Our design and the use of light steel allows you to get the best performance without the unnecessary added weight.

But don't let the weight put you off. We remain the number one anchor system, with the best holding power to weight ratio on the market.

As a result, it is amazing for the longevity of your Anchor Windless, and especially if you retrieve manually or by hand.

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