Viking Anchors
The best holding anchors for
the most convenient price!

Viking anchors are made to live longer

Our Anchors are the best choice for single-handed sailors, they are light, durable, having the best holding and setting capabilities.
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This is Why You Should Use Viking Anchors


Highest weight/holding power ratio for any steel anchors in the market, without sacrificing strength.


Immediate resetting following any wind or current change.


Best holding power-to-weight ratio. A lighter anchor to achieve the hold of a "new-gen anchor" design.

Initial Setting

A razor-sharp fluke for setting in the most challenging bottoms: hard-packed clay/mud and grassy/weedy areas, and even packed gravel.

Minimal Storage Volume

With the ability to detach the shank, you can store your Viking in minimal storage space

Outstanding durability

Made of Hardox 450 Galvanized HT steel, Viking anchors will suffer almost any mechanical abuse to keep your boat safe.
our story

Our story

The idea of making our anchor started when we, my wife Tali and I, had to find a new anchor for our 2006 Jeanneau 43DS...
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Why a lighter anchor works better for you?

Why a lighter anchor works better for you?

All anchors are a compromise. Since some anchor types work best in certain bottoms, it is a good idea to carry anchors of different designs...
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Choosing the Right Anchor

Choosing the Right Anchor

Choosing the right anchor for your boat is not a complicated task, however, you need to appreciate a few characteristics before...
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Customers Around The World

"downgraded" from another brand, 40 kg, to a Viking 25 kg

Hi all! It’s been 3 weeks since we « downgraded » from another brand, 40 kg, to a Viking 25 kg. Only a short time,…

Zane from NZ

NZ has had an awful summer, and I can advise the Viking 10 I have for my Contessa 26, which held like a champ in…


2-3 years ago I had debates with Izi Kalvo regarding the required anchor size that I need for my 20T boat. After almost 2 years…

Jonathan Neeves

Viking Anchors make the Boomerang with my approval, they asked if I would mind (a move showing integrity) and I am more than happy to…


Based largely on the early testing done by Panope but also on pricing and the excellent customer service that we received from the company we…


big thank you @vikinganchors for making this anchor, it probably is the lowest weight modern anchor to meet World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 4.06.2 requirement…

dave Miami

You'll be glad to know your anchor actually fits better on my cat than the similar sized Rochna. Thanks for the info, great anchor. Dave

Dave R

 As promised i have now been out and taken some photos of our Viking 10 anchor on our Jeanneau 36. We have also had the…