Choosing the Right Anchor

Choosing the right anchor for your boat is not a complicated task, however, you need to appreciate a few characteristics before deciding which anchor is the best for you and your boat.


Here are some of the important questions you have to ask yourself before starting the voyage:

  1. What boat will it be mounted on? Motor or sailing boat? Usually, sailing vessels require more holding power than motor vessels.
  2. What is the size and weight of the boat that the anchor will be used for?
  3. In what conditions are you sailing? Do you only sail at weekends when the weather is good or do you sail and need to take what comes?
  4. Are you sailing with a crew that might have difficulties in handling heavyweights or maybe a professional crew made up of tough rugby players and weightlifters.?


In the charts below, you will find answers to the first 3 questions above but the fourth one needs to be figured out by yourself.

Because our anchors are much lighter than other anchors for the same hold we offer you the opportunity to ‘oversize’.   You still have more than sufficient hold and know that our anchors are at least as strong as the other options you might consider.  Our hold data is conservative, we have looked at the worst-case scenario.  We have not quoted average hold but have introduced a safety factor.



Photo by Scott Millar, thanks


First, we need to understand how much holding power we need.

The following chart gives you the amount of holding power in Lb, that you will need to hold your boat.

These values were formed by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and they are very conservative and include worst-case scenario values. 

Holding power values are in Lb.          


        1 Kilo equals 2.2 lb

Anchor For:
Boat Length – Ft.
20 25 30 35 40 50 60
15 Day cruise 90 125 175 225 300 400 500
30 Charter like 360 490 700 900 1200 1600 2000
42 Storm 500 720 1400 1800 2400 3200 4000
60 Violent Storm 980 1440 2800 3600 4800 6400 8000



The next chart shows the maximum holding power for each Viking anchor model.

All Viking anchor models had been tested to measure their holding power. Since holding is greatly affected by the seabed type, we conducted our tests in the same seabed condition which is sand.

For these tests, we are using the same setup formation every time we measure- 5 meters 8 mm chain connected to a 25 meters rope connected to a 5-ton loadcell attached to a 4X4 heavy vehicle or 4X4 tractor, the length and angle of the rode simulates 8:1 scope.

Your holding power varies, depending on the seabed in which you might choose to anchor and the scope of your rode.  This is why we cautiously write in our tables "Estimated holding power


Model Estimated Holding power Kg Estimated Holding power Lib.
Viking 5 500 Kg 1,100 Lb.
Viking 7 900 Kg 1,980 Lb.
Viking 10 1,900 Kg 4,180 Lb.
Viking 15 2,600 Kg 5,720 Lb.
Viking 20 3,200 Kg 7,040 Lb.
Viking 25 4,500 Kg 9,900 Lb.




The next chart show what Viking Anchor model should be used on which size and weight of SAILBOAT.

Normally motorboats will need less holding power compared to sailing boats, and sailing catamaran needs more holding power than sailing monohulls.

Meaning that motorboats will need a smaller anchor and sailing catamarans will require a bigger one.

The weight of the boat will affect the holding power needed by approximately 20% of the total holding power needed, most of the pulling force on the anchor is a result of the windage area of the vessel, and using a good quality snubber will significantly reduce the weight/mass factor.

Therefore, the maximum weight allowed is a recommendation, the maximum length of the boat to be considered when choosing anchor size is vital!

As you can see, there are a few options for every boat. For example, Viking 25 will hold a boat up to 23 meters (70 ft.) but it will not be wise to use it on an eight-meter boat. Therefore, please spend some time answering the questions above before deciding on an anchor.

We advise using the recommended size anchor for your boat size, upsizing "just to be safe" can be done but there is absolutely no need for that.


Model Estimated Holding power  Anchor weight Boat weight up to: Boat length:
Viking 5        500 Kg.          3.4 Kg                5,000 Kg              up to 20 ft.         
Viking 7 900 Kg.        5.2 Kg      8,000 Kg         20- 30 ft.
Viking 10    1,900 Kg.           9.5 Kg                 12,000 Kg                30- 40 ft.          
Viking 15 2,600 Kg.    12.6 Kg            19,000 Kg              40- 50 ft.       
Viking 20 3,200 kg.       21.3 Kg                27,000 Kg     50- 60 ft.
Viking 25 4,500 Kg.       27.3 Kg                40,000 Kg       60- 70 ft.


 And in this last chart, you will find the actual measurements of our anchors.

We are trying to show everything needed to the smallest detail, make use of it.

It is important to check all the parameters in your boat that are related to dimensions and weight.

Please make sure that your boat can accommodate the anchor you wish to choose.









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