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Our Bridles will fit chain links of up to 10mm

Bridles are very common on multi-hulls and can also be found on larger or beamy monohulls.

Bridle model:

Price range : €103.00 to €103.00

The Viking Bridle

Viking Bridle

Do I need a Bridle?

A Bridle is an essential piece of equipment for Multi-Hulls and Larger Monohulls.
However, Bridles can be of value on any yacht. Bridles are simply 2 snubbers attached from each side of the bow and connected together at the chain.
It takes the pressure off the windless, and can greatly reduce veering while on anchor. 

Benefits of a Bridle


Reduce Stress on Windless

Greatly helps the longevity of your windless when in high wind scenarios.

Reduces Veering

The boat will Veer or Swing Less. Great in crowded anchorages and gusty winds.

Extra Rode Length

Letting out a long rode to your bridle can give you the extra scope you need.

Reduces Snatch Loads

When the wind picks up, bridles reduce pressure from large gusts on your ground tackle.

Why Choose Viking?

The Viking Bridle has been designed to perfectly fit 8 and 10mm anchor chain. 

Thanks to the design of the groove, it is very easy to attach and remove from the chain, while also ensuring the ultimate hold in all weather conditions.  

The Viking Bridle also uses LFR (low friction rings) to prevent chafing on the ropes.

Join The Viking Family

The Viking Bridle is the perfect match for your Viking Anchor. A system designed with you and your boats safety as the main priority.

Made from the best materials, and tested in the harshest environments.

Viking Anchors

How To Rig Your Bridle

We advise using long elastic ropes like the ones used by mountain climbers for maximum elasticity and shock absorption.

In adverse weather conditions (over 30 knots) we recommend taking your snubber ropes all the way back to the aft of the boat. 

This gives extra elasticity. And allows you to let out more "rode" if the conditions require it.

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