Why Choose A Viking Anchor?


 Viking anchors are the best choice for single-handed sailors.



At Viking Anchors, we take pride in our innovative design and use of 21st-century steels that offer weight savings without compromising strength. Our anchors have the highest weight/holding power ratio of any steel anchor, and our usage tables will show you just how light your anchor can be for your boat's size.

Since we are using High Tensile steel for the whole anchor structure our anchor's flukes are relatively thinner and are quick to set within a shank length in even the most challenging bottoms, from hard-packed clay/mud to grassy/weedy areas and even packed gravel. And with the best holding power relative to their size and weight, you can use a lighter anchor to achieve the same hold as the so-called new-gen anchors.

Our anchors stay set or reset immediately with a new pulling direction in case of wind or current change, and retrieval is easy thanks to their lightweight design. Viking anchors can be maneuvered easily even when stuck under a neighbor's anchor chain.

When not in use, taking apart the Viking anchor is a breeze, and storage space is minimal. And because of our unique design, you'll never need a swivel or Boomerang - our anchors always come up to the bow roller in the right direction.

Finally, we stand behind our product with a non-conditioned lifetime warranty, so you can feel confident in your purchase for many years.





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