We got our Viking 25 today, looks great, already assembled on the bow, thank you for the fast delivery it looks great

After a frustrating cruising season in Belize last year trying to anchor with my 60 lb CQR anchor, dragging over thin sand and grass, I purchased a viking 30 anchor.

What a difference this year!  Belize’s difficult anchoring spots were no trouble at all.  Last year, I had to try 3 times to set at South Water Cay.  This year, one try and the viking set in less than 1 yard!

Great anchor! I’m on a 19′ North River and have a viking for my main (I’m in a sandy bottom river/bay mostly). I needed a rear to keep me straight when I’m hanging out on the sand bars. The front was so great I replaced the totally ineffective mushroom that I had for a rear with the viking 15 , holds great.

My husband and I were lucky to be one of the first customers of Viking anchors.

we got our anchor about six months ago, one of the first anchors made by Viking. After years of using our old CQR anchor, this was a blessed change.

we use the Viking 10 with our 35 ft boat and this anchor never failed us, it sets immediately and stays, just stay there until you decide to bring it up again and be on your way.

Thanks, guys, great anchor and also so light!!

We just finished 5 weeks in the med using our viking 15 anchor almost every day, fantastic, no other word to describe it, never failed us down.


Using the Viking 20 on the Hudson for 3 months now on my Bavaria 49, never missed a drop, this anchor sets in every attempt, any seabed and in any wind condition.


Well done.

 As promised i have now been out and taken some photos of our Viking 10 anchor  on our Jeanneau 36. We have also had the chance to use it , and first time anchoring off a local beach it set first time  and held all day with an incoming tide . So a big improvement on our old anchor , plus its alot lighter so easier to handle. Overall very impressed with its performance, and is now our main anchor.        

You'll be glad to know your anchor actually fits better on my cat than the similar sized Rochna. 
Thanks for the info, great anchor. 

big thank you @vikinganchors for making this anchor, it probably is the lowest weight modern anchor to meet World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 4.06.2 requirement to carry "2 un-modified anchors that meet the anchor manufacturer’s recommendation
based on the boat’s dimensions..."